Sort The Things You’d Go To Therapy For
By Understanding the Hidden Root to All Issues

(& Without Having to Rake Over the Past)

Gaia Pollini is an Italian trauma therapist with long experience and creator of ‘Being Me Therapy’.
She co-founded the Italian retreat, ‘The Hill That Breathes’, co-authored the 1 million-selling F**k It books. She has been running retreats, workshops, supporting regular 1-to-1 clients, and running online trainings for 20 years.
She incorporates into her work that deep experience, and long training in Somatic Experiencing, Neuro Affective Relational Model (Advanced), Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Energywork and Part Therapy.
She trains people from around the world to become ‘Being Me Therapy’ practitioners in her 3-year training: ‘Being Me Mastery’.

Gaia here.
I’m SO EXCITED to be sharing this work with you.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed my video 🙂

It really is possible to…
SORT The Things You Might Go To Therapy For…
by understanding the HIDDEN ROOT to all issues.

And I should know…
I’m a trauma therapist after all.

Whether the issues are about… relationships or work or you’re going through a bad patch, or you’re feeling stressed or worried or anxious, or struggling to sleep, or you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads…

There is a common (and usually hidden) ROOT to all these issues…

And it’s about the Contorted Selves that we become because of what happened to us as young ones.
It means that we are unable to be ourselves, and that leads to pretty much every issue we face as adults.

So…  the solution, the ‘THERAPY‘, is to Be More Ourselves again.

Thus my ‘Being Me Therapy’.

…And this is why I created this Being Me Therapy Membership –
to deal with the root of the problem:
that we become contorted versions of ourselves,
and solve that by helping you become More Yourself again.

Do read on to explore the details of this membership.
It’s where my passion is.
It’s where I spend a good amount of my time.

And I hope it’s where I’ll be seeing you soon,
Greeting you with my Welcome Message,
and then in the next live session together.

Big Love, 
Gaia xx

Welcome to Being Me Therapy membership

The rhythm of your Being Me Therapy membership is both transformative and manageable.
Each month there are 3 elements: the live session, the podcast and sharing on the dedicated membership website.



Maybe you’ve already experienced the power of being with Gaia LIVE.  She shares this powerful work and creates a space for you to learn experientially and share… and enjoy being with others on the same path.



Gaia takes you deep into the Being Me subject of that month in her ‘Being Me Podcast’ audio recording, with teaching and exercises to help you along your path.


monthly BEING ME THERAPY WORKS sharing

You’ll find a lot of support in the Being Me Therapy membership, you’ll make new friends… And you’ll be encouraged by hearing others’ ‘Being Me Works’ stories (and there will be yours too).

The Path Back to Being Yourself
From Contorted You to True You over time

This is the path you’ll be taking to systematically take you from the ‘Contorted You’ of the now – where most people don’t even know about this ‘adaptation’ root cause of many of their issues – back to the ‘True You’.

The Path Back to You

Being Me Therapy typical monthly topics

The ideal place to start. In romantic relationships, as they are primary relationships, we tend to repeat a lot of the adaptive mechanisms we had used to fit in within our family of origin. In this first part, you will explore what Gaia calls ‘IDENTITY DYSMORPHIA’: how, in relationships, we distort our true shape for safety. 

In this exploration, we’ll get in touch with the ‘I want to’ instead of the ‘I have to’…
and how that leads us to our ‘OWN PERSONAL GENIUS’
the light inside that changes everything. 

Ah ha! Exploring this will have a powerful effect on all the other themes that we’re exploring, as this was the place where all the repetitive dynamics started.
In PART I you will explore ‘REALITY VERSUS EMOTIONALITY’: how we distort our perception of our parents and siblings to keep ourselves attached to our family of origin. 

To be ourselves without apology, we need to feel happy in our skin, and feel relaxed about who we are. When our nervous system has learnt (usually in childhood) that being relaxedly me is not allowed, we feel constantly on alert, trying to work out what I ‘should’ be and do. 
There are ways to land back in our skin, happy BEING ME. 

Saying NO requires being in touch with our ‘HEALTHY AGGRESSION’, which is a clear and clean assertiveness.
You will explore and discover your healthy aggression, and realise how it can feel scary and dangerous to say ‘no’, because our natural ‘nos’, our protest, and natural anger as children were not allowed or punished or met with the parents’ withdrawal of love.  

Many of us have a fear of going for stuff – even stuff that feels great. We taste it for a bit, and we go back to the old pains.
If our bigness was suppressed in childhood, WE LEARN TO STIFLE OUR OWN JOY, and shame our own power and passions.  

Joining this Membership (And Bonuses)

BEING YOURSELF THERAPY smart mock-up silver


£57 / month


£57 £27 / month

  Monthly LIVE SESSION with Gaia

  Monthly PODCAST with Gaia & John

 Access to the Being Me Therapy COMMUNITY

  Your rate LOCKED for as long as you’re a member

  Members stay average of 4 years 7 months

Members can cancel anytime

   BONUS ‘The Path Back To Me’ training (Value £197)

   BONUS ‘Gaia Magic 21-day eCourse’ (Value £197)

Your Bonuses (as part of this special offer)

BEING ME THERAPY mock up path back to you

Bonus 1 (normally £197) – 

The Path Back To Me
7-Step Online Training

Gaia uses takes you through the 7-steps to Being Yourself using her ‘Being Me Butterfly’.
This special Butterfly model is a map of how we contort ourselves from very young, and how those patterns settle in (the left wing of the butterfly).
And then a map of how to heal from these contortions and become our life-force enriched full selves again (the right wing of the butterfly).
So the butterfly is both a map of trauma and healing… and also a powerful tool for leading that healing.


BEING ME THERAPY mock up path back to you

Bonus 2 (normally £197) – 

Gaia Magic 21-Day eCourse

We use the word ‘magic’ around Gaia because that’s how people describe her and her work.
In this eCourse, Gaia shares some of the secrets of this ‘magic’ quality.
And just listening to Gaia’s voice takes you to a different place.
Over 21 days of daily recordings, Gaia takes you on a journey to accessing this magic, on topics such as:  ‘But Is It Happening Now?’, ‘Will vs. Flow’, ‘The Danger of Labels’, ‘About Being Blocked’, ‘From the Vantage Point of Love’, ‘Aliveness in the Body’ and ‘Feeling Safe’.

Key Facts about this
 Membership –


1. You lock in your monthly rate for as long as you’re a member which means that, when we increase the rate for new members, your rate stays the same. Forever.
2. The average period members remains in the membership is 4 years, 7 months.



Do people really stay for an average of 4 years 7 months?

Yes, and that’s growing every month (as people stay, clearly).  This is what our statistics state, and we’ve been running for less than 6 years so far.

Is this the same as the ‘Being Me University’?

Yes. Exactly the same thing. Gaia created ‘Being Me University’ in 6 years ago, and it was always about sharing the transformative power of her Being Me Therapy.  Given this, the name was changed to the even simpler ‘Being Me Therapy Membership’.

How do you let me know about what’s coming up?

We send you emails throughout the month, flagging up what’s coming up, and with links to recordings, live Zoom sessions and so on.  We prefix all the emails with [Being Me] so they stand out in your inbox.

Can I access archive recordings if I miss anything?

Yes. You will have access to the brilliant Being Me Therapy Membership Site… your home for everything Being Me Therapy.
It gives you access to all your live session recordings, all the podcasts, all the dates of upcoming sessions, a community area to discuss about Being Me, and access to any extra trainings you have.

I heard that there’s a ‘Gold membership’ which includes 1-to-1s with Gaia, but I can’t see anything about that.

Yes, Gaia does have Gold members, but her regular client ‘book’ is currently full, with a full diary.

However, she gives priority, when a space comes up, to her ‘Being Me Mastery’ trainees (that the 3-year training that Gaia does to become a trauma therapist), and to members of this Being Me Therapy Membership.

Can I cancel if I later find it’s not for me?

Many of our Founder Members are still with us, more than six years later.
So we reckon you’ll love it.
But, yes, you can cancel your membership anytime.

I can’t make Thursdays, when you do the live sessions, are they recorded?

Yes, every session is recorded and then put in your membership area. You’ll also get the link to the Zoom cloud recordings, where you can follow along with the ‘chat’ at the side of the video… which is about the closest to live you’ll get 🙂

Can we join as a couple, with one membership?

If you’re planning to do the sessions and the work together and you’re in the same household, yes.
You’d register under one name, and then you access everything with those log-ins.
We have been asked this and we did see there were quite a few couples on the workshop sessions, so it’s great if you want to attend live sessions, etc., together.

I’m in Australia, so the sessions are in the middle of the night for me.

Yes, we are aware of that.  And we’re sorry for it too.
We do have Australian members of the membership who get up (very early) to join the sessions (usually in their dressing gowns), but we know that’s not for everyone.
So we have the recordings that are available very soon after the sessions.

Are there other advantages to being in this membership?

Yes. We often give discounts to other things that Gaia and John are doing to those in this membership 🙂