Kate, who’s followed me for a while, asked
“John, you’ve always got something new going on…
how do you manage to get it all done?”.
So I sent her a voice message with my 3 secrets for how I get on and ‘Kin Do It’ 😊
Here’s that voice message…

I said to Kate “I’m going to share with you my 3 secrets for how to KIN DO IT“!

Hi, it’s John here.
Yup, in a 24 minute voice message to Kate, I shared my top 3 secrets for how to take an idea and make it happen in the world BIG-TIME…
in short, how to KIN DO IT.

And I do have some form in this area:
I’m the author of the million-selling F**k It books
(that’s 6 F**k It books popular around the world).
I and Gaia created from scratch ‘Europe’s Best Retreat’, The Hill That Breathes, in Italy, in 2004.
I was the first to create in-game commercials (for Levi’s, back in 1990s).

Lots of us have ideas. Few of us make them happen.
I told Kate, in this voice message, my secrets for how I KIN DO IT. 😊

Just sign-up here and I’ll send you the voice recording straight away, and I’ll send you occasional messages about how to Kin Do It in your life and business.u

John C. Parkin is author of the bestselling ‘F*** It’ books (translated into 26 languages). He has thirty years of experience in business, creating advertising campaigns for major international brands in the 1990s, establishing ‘Europe’s Best Retreat’, The Hill That Breathes, in 2004, and then sharing F**k It with the world since 2008.
He is also a hypnotherapist, a meditator and tai chi practitioner and has been helping people relax and progress, whatever’s going on in their lives, for many years.§
He lives in Brighton, UK, with Gaia.  They are ‘John & Gaia’.