John & Gaia are the authors of the bestselling ‘BEEP It’ books.

They are an anglo-Italian couple who met in London, then said ‘Beep It’ to London life and fled to Italy with their twin baby boys to set up a retreat centre (The Hill That Breathes).

They soon had the ‘Beep It’ idea: that saying this can be therapeutic, even spiritual, and were soon writing books and teaching ‘Beep It’ above everything else (and getting press attention from around the world).

As a coach / therapist team, they offer powerful guidance in how to relax, let go, be more yourself and generally live a better life via books, online courses, memberships and retreats.

They now live back in the UK, in Brighton, by the sea.

"This journey has given me so many gifts"

“Gaia, journeying with your guidance this past year, accompanied by your wise eyes, and rolling laughter, and your huge empathic heart, has changed my life.
This journey has been giving me so many gifts, from inside and out. Perhaps the biggest, most precious gift has been the addictive magic that keeps me on this very journey of my life — in love with it, all of it, at all times, through every valley and hill and abyss, relentlessly trustful and ever curious.

For all of that and more, I am grateful from every corner of my heart.”

S.W., England

"I can actually see how this work is beginning to change my behaviour!"

“I can actually see how this work is changing my behaviour,
I can understand things, but with this work I am actually changing, my behaviour is changing.”

J.M., Germany